Welcome. We are glad that you are interested in joining the S&S Overseas Aventure to La Touraine, France. Please enjoy our site! (First trip is starts April 9th, 2010, and the last one starts September 25th, 2010. Each one is three days long and are from Friday to Sunday.)
The Flag of La Touraine. Came From (

Game Plan for the Trip

If you go on our three-day trip to La Touraine, France, you're in for a treat. We will have a jam packed trip with entertainment for all ages and all personality types. All of the trip information will be under the "Attractions" page of our website. We will arrive at Aéroport de Tours on Friday and depart from the same airport on Sunday. On Friday, after our arrival, we will go sight seeing on our way to the hotel. Since the ground is nice and flat, we will take an afternoon bike trip for those of you who want to. Those who do not want to take the bike trip can sleep or explore the hotel. On Saturday, we will head over to La Futuroscope. We will spend almost all day there. At about five o'clock, we will leave and head over to the Chinon castle for dinner and stay in the castle over-night. On Sunday, we will go to the Tours Cathedral and have lunch in a lovlely café.
“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Thanks to our sponsors Sequoyah High School,, and Madame Selden. (Picture from Sequoyah High School in Caton, GA).